Is it scary?
Yes! Everyone has a different threshold for fear, and we try to be accommodating to all of them. Most importantly, you’ll have a blast bonding with your family and friends while you hang onto each other for dear life. You’ll laugh, shout, chuckle, and shudder with or at your buddies.

Can I leave if I get too scared?
Throughout the attraction, there are a number of emergency exits that you can use to leave at any time.
Please be aware that after you leave the attraction, you cannot get a refund or enter again as this means we did our job better than you expected.

Do I have to sign a waiver?
No, that would take a lot of time. You accept the disclaimer posted online or at the ticket booth when purchasing tickets.

Will things touch me?
Through out the attractions our actors will get close to you but will never touch you on purpose. There are scenes in the Haunted house that will have things touching you (curtains, air bags, ect.) but nothing with the intent to restrain or harm.

What is the age restriction?
Children under 10 are not advised to visit this attraction. That being said we have five-year-olds who “love it” the entire time, as well as 25-year-olds who pass out or wet themselves. It all depends on the individual.

Are children required to be accompanied by an adult?
No, yet it is suggested. The majority of parents who have accompanied their kids through an attraction have gone back another night to watch the show with their partners and friends.

Is there anywhere for parents to wait?
Yes, parents can wait for their children in the cider mill.

How do I buy tickets?
To save time, the easiest way is purchasing your tickets online. Buy tickets ! Tickets are also available On Site nights the haunted attractions are open.

How much are tickets?
Ticket prices vary per attraction, please check for up to date prices and online purchasing.

Can I make reservations?
No reservations are available at this time, but we are looking into offering them in the upcoming years.

What if it rains?
The Corn Maze and the Hay Ride are weather dependent, Depending on how bad the weather is the haunted house may be closed as well since it is 30% outdoors.
See our Facebook page for up to date information on weather closures. Tickets are usable any day we are open for business.

What are the hours of operation?
Please See Calendar on the Hours & Dates page HERE
Friday & Saturday Dusk to Midnight

Do you offer group rates?
Yes, group rates are available online only with a minimum purchase of at least 10 tickets.

Does Past Tense After Dark accept credit cards?

Is there an ATM on-site?
No, there is not but all transactions can be done with card.

Where can I park?
Parking is Available on site, and is first come first served.

How many go through at a time?
Six people per group, if you have more than six people you will be divided into smaller groups.

Can I stay with my group?
If your group contains more than six persons, you will be split up into smaller groups. You might spend a brief length of time apart from your group during a certain part of the attraction.

Can I go through if I’m pregnant?
No, if you are pregnant, you cannot enter the attraction. We do not want to take a chance that something might happen to you or your child since we do not know how other people will respond in a scary situation. We are sorry, and thank you for understanding!

Are there fog and strobe lights?
Yes there are both fog and strobe lights used through out our attractions.

If I’m in line by closing time, will I still be able to go in?
Yes, if you are in line at closing time everybody gets to go in!

Can I bring __?
It’s preferable to leave something in the car, or even better, at home, if you have to ask. Every visitor can expect a secure and enjoyable occasion from us. Therefore, it is forbidden to bring any form of weapon onto the farm, including pepper spray, knives, lighters, flashlights, and alcoholic beverages. We advise against bringing or wearing items of jewelry, accessories, or phones because Past Tense cannot guarantee that they will be recovered if lost.

How can I get a job at Past Tense After Dark?
Please contact our head of personnel at PTAfterdark@gmail.com with the position you desire and attach any makeup/costume photos you may have. Open Auditions are also posted on out Hiring Page HERE!

Can you be asked to leave/escorted out of the attraction?
Yes, we do not allow foul language, pushing, fighting, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc.

Do you have concessions available on-site?
Yes, food and beverages are available at the Cider Mill throughout the night.

Is it the same as last year?
Nope, This year (2023) we have made major changes to the Hayride, Corn Maze, and Haunted House. You will just have to stop by to find out.

For unanswered questions, please head over to our Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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